Mobile Learning

You may have heard something like this: “We want to develop a series of eLearning modules. Learners should be able to access them on computers and mobile devices.” It’s true most rapid eLearning authoring tools, such as Captivate or Storyline, offer HTML5 publishing options which can make your eLearning module viewable on mobile devices. However, […]

Articulate Studio is a suite of rapid eLearning development tools that allows users to create professional and interactive eLearning courses without intensive programming skills. At Fredrickson Communications, we’ve seen and helped many of our client organizations adopt this tool because of its efficiency and relative ease of use. The complete Articulate Studio package includes: Presenter […]

Editor’s Note: This Articulate vs. Captivate article originally ran as a series of entries on the Fredrickson Learning blog. Because of the popularity of this series, we’ve combined all of the blog entries into a continuous article to make it easier to read. Articulate vs. Captivate Part 1: Comparing popular rapid eLearning development tools. With […]


A few years ago, I wrote a series of blogs comparing Adobe Captivate 5.5 and Articulate Studio 09. Since then, new authoring tools and new tool versions have been released. The most popular new tool is Articulate Storyline. After extended beta testing and then the official release, Storyline caused significant buzz among eLearning folks. It […]


Since its release in 2010, the Apple iPad has demonstrated its strength by dominating over 70% of the tablet computer market. During the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, Apple sold 15.4 million iPads.Most consumers use the iPad mainly for a combination of web surfing and online entertainment. In the business and commercial environment, the iPad […]


Articulate released the highly-anticipated Storyline product about a month ago. In doing so, the learning community now has a stunning new tool for extending the concept of rapid eLearning development into a professional development suite. I was invited to be a beta product tester for Storyline and based on that experience, here are my top […]