Why do some businesses pay to train their customers? Well, it turns out they can save lots of money this way, which the article expands upon. Here’s my favorite quote: “As customers educate themselves, they voluntarily absorb knowledge about other products and services (features, benefits and unique value proposition), without active involvement from the salesforce or […]

Mobile Learning

  Recently, I came across Articulate’s outstanding white paper outlining their stance on Mobile Learning. In it, Articulate’s CTO, Arlyn Asch, makes a strong case against slide-based ‘responsive’ mLearning, saying ‘slide-based eLearning wouldn’t make sense if objects changed position or simply disappeared to fit smaller screen sizes.’ I strongly agree with Articulate’s stance; here are […]

Mobile Learning

This is a great article that cleanly outlines tips for writing for mobile. 6 Tips for Effective Mobile Copy ‘The Golden Triangle’ is fascinating — the majority of users’ attention is on the upper part of the screen, which should guide designers’/developers’ content decisions. Also, ‘if you don’t connect in a couple of seconds, you’ve […]

How a large healthcare company rolled out new call center training under tight deadline

In following @Learning2015 this week (the week of Elliot Maisie’s conference: 2015 Learning), I was intrigued by a tweet that proclaimed “Learning styles are NOT effective for learning design.” The tweet directed me to this article, which provides evidence for the claim. Learning Styles are NOT an Effective Guide for Learning Design In the paragraph […]

Learning Technology & Trends

Continuing on the theme of recent posts about the role of gamification in learning design, this article provides some relevant insights not only about what’s wrong, but how to do it right. My favorite pairing of why it’s broken/how to fix it? “Displacement of rewards. It’s been demonstrated that offering any kind of reward on behaviors […]

The Business of Learning

When working with our clients, we often ask about the impact of a planned change on the organization. We’ve also been observing a trend where many companies are employing change managers within the organization – either as a specific role or as a capability. I’ve also noticed a great increase in the number of individuals […]