Mobile Learning Network – September 2016 Meeting

Topic: Mobile First Design

Our September 2016 event will feature an in-depth discussion of mobile first design.

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss mobile first design (also called “adaptive” or “responsive” design) with people of all levels. So, whether you already feel confident or you haven’t tried it yet, we’d love to see you there. You’ll also get the chance to practice your new knowledge with a hands-on activity during the event.

As more online time shifts to mobile devices, our approach to design also needs to shift. You’ve likely navigated websites that weren’t meant to be viewed on mobile devices, and just given up. We all have. Mobile first design is an approach meant to give mobile users a smooth experience and desktop users a more enhanced version of that same experience.

September’s event will include:

  • A discussion on best practices of mobile first design.
  • Hands-on practice using mobile first design.
  • Examples of the good and the bad.

Discussion Leaders
MLN 9.29.2016 - Fredrickson Mobile Learning Network - short

What is the Mobile Learning Network?

Network, talk shop, and learn about mLearning from others in the field. Our goal is to build a community of practitioners (at all levels) interested in mLearning.

Interested in joining?
Participation is open to anyone interested in mLearning — regardless of your level of experience or your role. There is no membership fee or cost to join the Network and membership is by invitation only. You must currently hold a position in a private or public-sector learning organization to be eligible for membership. To be considered for membership in the Mobile Learning Network, email us at

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