Roundtable for Learning Leaders

Topic: Power & Influence – Using Social Norms to Influence Behavior
We’re all familiar with social norms. defines a social norm as “an expected form of behavior in a given situation.” Did you know that social norms are also a powerful method of influencing behavior?

Because people underestimate the extent to which social norms affect their own behavior, this low-cost influence strategy is underutilized.

This session focuses on how to optimally harness social norms to influence the behavior of employees and customers. It also describes the common mistakes that inexperienced influence agents make — and how to avoid them.

The goal of this session is to help people become more adept at using social psychology to influence the behavior of others. As a result of attending, learning leaders will be able to:
  • Understand the hidden psychology of social norms.
  • Use social norms to optimally influence the behavior of others.
  • Avoid common mistakes that can make social norms counter-effective.

Presenter: Vladas Griskevicius
Vlad is the Carlson Foundation Endowed Chair in Marketing, Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He serves as chairperson of the Marketing Department and as Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Research. He has an extensive background in psychology and is an expert in persuasion and social influence, communication, green marketing, and the evolutionary roots of modern behavior. He is co-author of The Rational Animal, a book about how our ancestral past shapes everyday decisions. He has published over 90 articles in top business and psychology journals, and is regularly featured on the Discovery Channel, the Economist, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, BBC News, and TIME magazine. He holds degrees in economics and psychology from the University of California and a PhD in Psychology from the Arizona State University.


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