How a large healthcare company rolled out new call center training under tight deadline

We want people—clients and on-site coworkers—to enjoy the experience of working with us, and we hire our people accordingly. At Fredrickson Learning, we provide people with the right skills and knowledge for each assignment, of course. But we also strive to add something more. That “something more” is what we want to share here, because it’s part of […]


Why do some businesses pay to train their customers? Well, it turns out they can save lots of money this way, which the article expands upon. Here’s my favorite quote: “As customers educate themselves, they voluntarily absorb knowledge about other products and services (features, benefits and unique value proposition), without active involvement from the salesforce or […]

Social Learning

Have you ever wished your subject matter expert (SME) could share their knowledge with your learners? I’m guessing you have.