The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

A while ago, I came across a blog post from Clive Shepard titled, Do instructional designers need to know about what they are designing? I was eager to dive into Clive’s blog and finally get some clarity on this issue. Instead, what I read was a classic pro-con argument for both positions, but with only […]

Learning Technology & Trends

As a learning professional, it is incredibly refreshing to take a step back from “doing” learning and instead be a participant in the process. Taking the time to be in the same place as others who have similar ideas, wants, needs and desires really enhances the learning experience. As I’ve been reflecting, processing and synthesizing […]

Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

Our speaker, Kevin Wilde, did us all a great favor as he concluded this year’s Learning Leadership Summit. He built in time for us to reflect on our thinking from the day and make an action plan for executing once we got back to our normal routines. But ask yourself, are you being true to […]

We’ve been doing a bit of discussion lately at Fredrickson about what the purpose of a blog is for us. Is it the format where we want to post complete articles? Or is it a way in which we want to share our ideas, thoughts and curiosity about our profession in all of its facets? […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

Even in a world of wikis and blogs, most of the content that we write for a wide business audience requires some form of review. Stakeholders, partners, and associates usually want a say in what is published. So the question is, How do you manage your reviews effectively so that you have the quickest time […]