Accessible Learning

You may have heard about accessibility in news stories related to the ADA or other legislation, but if you don’t require any assistive technologies yourself, you may have not given it a second thought…especially related to eLearning. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to think about it. Let’s start with the “why.”  Why […]

Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

From my chair at our 2015 Learning Leadership Summit, Jess Elmquist had a clear message to the assembled learning leaders. The message? Develop the skills and courage to advocate for what you need to meet business goals. I heard a similar message at the PACT* meeting last week: own your expertise and share it to […]

Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

I hope you’re getting excited for Fredrickson’s annual Learning Leadership Summit, happening next Thursday, July 16! I know I am, for a few reasons: Unveiling Fredrickson’s new brand! You may have heard that we’re undergoing a bit of re-branding. We’re now known as Fredrickson Learning—we feel it does a better job of describing what we […]

Note: This article is republished with permission from Intercom, the magazine of the Society for Technical Communication. It was originally published in May 1994 and focuses on creating user documentation concurrently with software development. If you’ve ever prepared a cost estimate for a project, you know that you can lose sleep over it. Did you […]

As training professionals, we need to become experts at asking the right types of questions to develop performance solutions for our clients. This is what led me to develop the Fredrickson Business Initiative Strategic Questionnaire. Surprisingly, most training and measurement strategies fail before they even have a chance to succeed. The reason is that many […]

Editor’s Note: This Articulate vs. Captivate article originally ran as a series of entries on the Fredrickson Learning blog. Because of the popularity of this series, we’ve combined all of the blog entries into a continuous article to make it easier to read. Articulate vs. Captivate Part 1: Comparing popular rapid eLearning development tools. With […]