How a large healthcare company rolled out new call center training under tight deadline

This is guest post on “unlearning” is by Martiey Miller, Sales Training Consultant at Thomson Reuters. In November of 2016 The Harvard Business Review published an excellent article titled “Why the Problem with Learning is Unlearning.” The problem of unlearning plagues sales training departments more than most. In January of 2016, I had just finished facilitating […]

Harvey Mackay and John Alexander - Fredrickson Learning January 26 2017 event names 3

John Alexander, a training director at Travelers, agreed to tell us “his personal Harvey Mackay story, ” and explain to us why he’s excited to hear Harvey speak at our Jan. 26th event: Essential Business Skills from a Minnesota Icon. “Excited” might be an understatement. John was actually the one who approached us at Fredrickson with […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

At Fredrickson Learning, we like to stay in touch with the L&D industry. You might say we’re hungry for it. We run several thriving L&D communities, and networking is built into the heart of who we are as a company (heck, that’s how I got my job here). But it doesn’t end there. As an L&D […]


In a recent study conducted by, learning leaders cited the majority of organizations are increasing their use of virtual instructor led training, or VILT. This doesn’t surprise me as organizations can bring globally dispersed participants together to collaborate and learn without the cost of travel. VILT provides that human touch and real-time collaboration that […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

Defining Mobile First The concept should be a familiar one by now, its associated image almost archetypal. A smart phone gives way to a tablet and then to a desktop, preserving the content. We know this design strategy as progressive enhancement and it stands opposite graceful degradation as the trendsetter for digital design. The basic […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

When designing for mobile, what should be considered beforehand? There are many motivations to create mobile learning. The sheer number of smart phones in use presents an unprecedented opportunity to reach many learners. So, it makes sense so many of us feel pressured to implement learning via mobile. Taking advantage of the opportunities mobile presents […]