Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

The Learning Leadership Summit is coming up fast, on July 14th, and I can’t wait. The Summit — as the premier gathering of leadership-level learning, development, HR, and talent management professionals — is always special, but the 2016 edition takes things to a whole new level. 5 Chief Learning Officers will be on the same […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

When I heard Learning and Performance Ecosystems would be the topic for May’s Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders, my curiosity was piqued. I’ve been reading about the concept of learning ecosystems since I first came across it a few years ago. Just recently, I’ve seen much more discussion about it and I’m looking forward to […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

Inc. Magazine published an excellent list of business books. Wait. I know what you’re thinking: “Nooooo! Not another business book list.” I agree. But one thing, and only one thing, makes this Inc. Magazine book list worth looking at: It’s really, really good. There is something for everyone on this list, and every book has […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

  We had a terrific Fredrickson Young Learning Leaders Forum meeting this February. We discussed trends in learning and development. Of course, mobile learning featured prominently in the discussion – there is a lot of emphasis on it these days. We feel it here at Fredrickson, and so do our connections in every level of the L&D […]

How a large healthcare company rolled out new call center training under tight deadline

“If all of this [learning how to read critically] sounds like hard work, you’re right. Most people won’t do it. That’s what sets you apart.” Farnam Streets’ post: How to Read a Book. For awhile now, one of the Twitter hashtags I’ve been curious about and semi-following is #lrnchat. This is a group that gets together on […]

Learning Technology & Trends

A new year means it’s time for industry predictions. I like this guy’s take, and I like that they attached trends to the Hype Cycle. Definitely agree that #mobile is in the ‘slope of enlightenment.’ It will be interesting to see how adoption of xAPI evolves over this year — still lots of talk but […]