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Continuing on the theme of recent posts about the role of gamification in learning design, this article provides some relevant insights not only about what’s wrong, but how to do it right. My favorite pairing of why it’s broken/how to fix it? “Displacement of rewards. It’s been demonstrated that offering any kind of reward on behaviors […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

When working with our clients, we often ask about the impact of a planned change on the organization. We’ve also been observing a trend where many companies are employing change managers within the organization – either as a specific role or as a capability. I’ve also noticed a great increase in the number of individuals […]


Here’s a good LinkedIn post about important considerations for the visual design of eLearning. We employ many of these strategies in our own eLearning work at Fredrickson. I like the concept of ‘quiet’ design as a subtle way to make learning experiences memorable. 5 visual design strategies for learning experiences by Dorian Peters

Accessible Learning

At first glance, creating eLearning that’s accessible may seem as simple as expanding the technical requirements for building eLearning to meet a set of technical accessibility standards. It all sounds very simple, but the process is, unfortunately, much more complex. In this blog, I’m going to tell you about some of the common challenges to […]


There are many great TED Talks available, and here’s a nice curated list of TED Talks applicable to eLearning.  And, of course, much of the information goes beyond eLearning and really speaks to the future of learning as well. 10 Ted Talks That Will Help You to Make ELearning Meet Modern Learners’ Needs

How a large healthcare company rolled out new call center training under tight deadline

While perusing the backchannel of #devlearn from the 2015 Devlearn Conference, I came across this blog reference for a method to implement gaming as part of an overall learning strategy. I was drawn into the article by the conclusion the author reached about the statistics from the 2014 ATD survey: “Most organizations have never used games […]