Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

I was in China a week ago (for work and play) and I came across a statue that immediately caught my attention. It was of a woman with three heads and four arms. I took a picture in front of it and sent it to a group of professional pals, saying . . . I […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

One of the most important activities in life in general–and certainly in business–is building and keeping a network of friends and professional colleagues. Your network will serve you well in every area of your life. At Fredrickson Communications, we believe in the importance of networking so much that we’ve founded and continue to sponsor groups […]


Introduction: Raj Alphonse is a Fredrickson Communications’ affiliate specializing in learning technology consulting. This blog entry is a lead-in to the April 14, 2011 meeting of the Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders where the featured discussion topic will be “The LMS Wishlist.” Have you run into a brick wall lately? I felt like I did […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

Minnesota Public Radio recently aired an interview with Matthew Crawford, author of the bestselling book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work. I have read this book and I think Crawford provides learning professionals with a lot to think about. It’s not possible (for me, at least) to reduce Shop Class […]

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

Even in a world of wikis and blogs, most of the content that we write for a wide business audience requires some form of review. Stakeholders, partners, and associates usually want a say in what is published. So the question is, How do you manage your reviews effectively so that you have the quickest time […]