How a global company obtained custom training without affecting their busy L&D department

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A global company

Business need

Trainers at a global company used virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and needed moment-of-need resources to catch them up to speed. However, the company’s L&D department had full workloads. They decided to bring on a supplementary learning expert who could create up-to-date VILT training—completely independently—so their internal staff could continue working, uninterrupted.

Fredrickson’s solution

We knew they needed someone who not only had expertise in research and instructional design, but someone with enough experience to do it all alone—so we submitted a senior instructional designer with over twenty years of experience. After selected, our expert met with their manager, understood their needs, and agreed to check in with them once a week. For three months, our instructional designer researched current VILT best practices and created moment-of-need training materials, working independently.

Fredrickson’s learning expert provided:

  • Instructional design
  • Technical writing
  • Instructor-led training expertise
  • Virtual instructor-led training expertise
  • Train-the-trainer expertise


The global company brought on a supplemental instructional designer with the experience to work independently. Then, they rolled out moment-of need VILT training, and their busy L&D department didn’t skip a beat.