How a national service company delivered a fun, engaging eLearning on the complex topic of service pricing

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A national service company

Business need

This company needed their employees to be more effective at service pricing—a complex task involving statistical analysis and market variances. They decided an easy-to-understand game-like training would be effective, but they didn’t have anyone with the required expertise. They realized the need to bring on an expert: someone who could turn a complex topic into fun, understandable, game-like eLearning.

Fredrickson’s solution

After talking with the client in detail, we chose a candidate with high expertise in game-like eLearning. The client loved him. After selected, our instructional designer partnered with SMEs to understand the learners, their job tasks, and service pricing—paying close attention to how service pricing fits into their routine. Then, he created eLearning where learners tackle six real-life service-pricing scenarios.

Fredrickson’s learning expert provided:

  • Instructional design
  • LMS connectivity
  • Visual and motion design
  • eLearning development
  • Audio production


By bringing on a supplementary instructional designer with the exact expertise needed, the company taught their employees a complex topic via easy-to-understand, game-like eLearning.