How Thomson Reuters rolled out behavior-changing eLearning to all their business units, worldwide

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Thomson Reuters

Business need

Thomson Reuters had a corporate-wide goal of increasing free cash flow in all their business units, worldwide.

To achieve this, employees had to understand the principles of cash flow, and, employee behavior had to match the company’s free cash flow goal. But further, this type of topic had to be made interesting, or employees wouldn’t pay attention. Thomson Reuters realized their project required deep expertise in multiple disciplines.

Fredrickson’s solution

After asking questions and listening, Fredrickson carefully chose a team of experts who could understand cash flow, create behavioral change, and make the topic fun and engaging—all within a single eLearning course.

The resulting 15-minute course used narration, animation, interactive examples, and a personalized My Cash Management Plan interaction to achieve the client’s objectives.

Fredrickson provided:

  • Instructional design
  • Content development
  • Interface design
  • Narration
  • Audio production
  • Flash development
  • LMS integration
  • Project management


Thomson Reuters achieved a complex, global business objective by hiring learning experts with wide-ranging talents.

The course is still active today, three years after launching. One executive who reviewed the course called it, “One of the very best online learning experiences I’ve seen,” and remarked, “After getting into the first page or two I was so engaged and interested…and learned many good nuggets about free cash flow!”