Taking product training beyond just the product – Medtronic’s Diabetes and Insulin Pump Courses

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Business need

Medtronic asked us to train their customers—not their employees. They wanted customers to understand more about diabetes, and to understand how to use Medtronic’s insulin pump. They found knowledge of diabetes and correct use of their insulin pumps went hand in hand.

Fredrickson’s solution

First, we listened. Fredrickson partnered with Medtronic to understand their customers, insulin pump therapy, and challenges—paying special attention to the needs of their customers.

We met with Medtronic during key stages of the project. We asked and answered questions, received feedback, and provided:

  • Learning consulting
  • Project management
  • Visual design
  • Development
  • LMS connectivity


The Medtronic Diabetes eLearning Series consisted of six courses. Customer-focused interactions motivated learners to understand diabetes and Medtronic’s insulin pump, and a fresh design gave customers a positive image of Medtronic. These courses were created in 2006, and are still in use today.