2019 Learning Leadership Summit

Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Trish Uhl, internationally-known consultant and speaker, will help us explore how artificial intelligence and analytics are transforming workplace learning, sharing information and ideas about:

  • How to use ambient data and analytics to link learning to organizational goals.
  • How chatbots, docents, and other forms of artificial intelligence are creating a more “human and personal” learning experience.
  • What key metrics companies are using as they personalize the learning experience with AI.
  • What new roles are needed in the L&D department to put AI and learning analytics to work.

About our presenter:
Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP develops and leads high-performing learning, talent & development teams to promote positive people impact and contribute measurable business value by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and analytical capability that optimize and capitalize on the workplace learning and performance function.

Trish is also the creator of the Learning Systems Engineering Framework™, used by learning practitioners and professionals to engineer learning experiences that deliver positive people impact and measurable business value.

Trish is a Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) Steering Group member. She co-led the 2018 refresh of the Learning & Performance Capability Map used as a global standard in the assessment, professional development, and career advancement of training practitioners, learning leaders, and high performing L&D teams.

What is the Summit?
The Learning Leadership Summit is an annual gathering of leadership-level L&D professionals from the Twin Cities area. It is open to members of our Roundtable for Learning Leaders. Check out the video below to learn more, or contact us with any questions.


One thought on “2019 Learning Leadership Summit

  1. Dawn Strobach

    Hey guys, please sign me up for this event
    … could you please also ensure that the email address listed is included in your Roundtable for learning leaders, and also your young leaders Forum, as I have two young leaders that I want to bring into the fold. Thank you so much.


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