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VIRTUAL SESSION: Modern, Integrated Learning Experiences for Employees

We’ve all been hearing terms like digital transformation, learning ecosystems, employee experience, and learning in the flow of work bandied about and discussed in many different ways lately. And as tools and technology continue to rapidly evolve, staying abreast of these topics and being able to make smart decisions about what to enable in our organizations becomes critical. So how can we make sense of this, and use what we know to enable an integrated learning experience for our employees?
Join us for this virtual session to hear from Samuel Ragsdale, Director of Learning at 3M, on creating an integrated ecosystem to support employee learning. Topics Samuel will address include:
  • What does the ecosystem look like that supports the modern, integrated learning experience?
  • At what points are there natural integrations for data, technology, and learning in the flow of work?
  • How do we eliminate barriers across the organization to create a holistic view of the employee?



Samuel Ragsdale
Director of Learning, 3M
Samuel is on a quest to transform the employee experience in order to unlock the potential of every person and organization! Samuel started his career in consulting but quickly transitioned to technology, finding a home in the Seattle “sunshine” at Microsoft. After several years in Web Services and Business Strategy, he transitioned to HR, focusing on learning and talent management.
In 2019, Samuel joined 3M as the Director of Learning where he is focused on creating a learner-centric ecosystem that provides a personalized and adaptive experience for every employee–meeting them where they are, in the flow of work.

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