Learning Technology Network Showcase

This event features a number of projects, and you’ll get the chance to ask questions of the teams who worked on them and gain some firsthand knowledge. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from your peers and see what they’ve accomplished.

If interested, register here to become a member of the Learning Technology Network. 

The photos below are from last year’s showcase.

Want to show off your learning technology project?

Because our event will be a showcase, we’re looking for people who have worked on a learning project with an interesting technology twist. The sky’s the limit as long as the project you’d like to share has to do with learning technology and will benefit fellow community members. Each project will be featured in its own booth, and attendees will walk around and learn about the ones that are of interest. So you won’t need to “facilitate,” just be prepared to show your project to others and chat about it. Let us know if you’d like to showcase your project.

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