Roundtable for Learning Leaders

Topic: Toro’s Extended Learning Format

We’re excited to kick off the 2020 Roundtable schedule by learning how Toro has used an extended learning format to develop its current and emerging leaders. The two- to three-month learning experiences provide participants with opportunities to learn new skills, network, and apply learning to make an impact. It also helps to put the organization’s mission and vision into motion.
During the Roundtable, we will discuss how this program format came to be: what need it addressed, how support was garnered from key leadership, and how it might be useful to other organizations. 

Interested in attending this event? Join the Roundtable for Learning Leaders! (*Note* Roundtable members must hold a leadership-level position in L&D. See link for more details.)


Toro’s Extended Learning Experience include the following elements:

In Person: 3 days
  • Learn – build skills, network, and gain awareness of the greater organization
  • Practice – practice new skills in partnership with the local non-profit

Virtual Learning Cohort Experience: 2-3 months

  • Learning cohorts work to address strategic business needs through utilization of new skills
  • Cohorts develop a recommendation to address the business need

Report Out: 1 day

  • Cohorts and/or individuals present their recommendations to key business leaders and stakeholders
  • Two-way learning – participants learn through completing the assignment and the organization learns from the participants’ recommendations


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