Sales Training Excellence Circle

Topic: Sales Practice and Coaching Using Brainshark Coaching Sales Enablement Tool

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Karri Krinke
Director, Sales Knowledge and Learning

Session description:

How do you get a national salesforce ready quickly to make an effective sales presentation on a new product/solution? Your sales representatives need to:

  • Learn about the new product/solution
  • Practice their presentation
  • Get feedback on their presentation
  • Develop confidence in their presentation before presenting to an executive-level client

Join Karri Krinke, Director, Sales Knowledge and Learning at Optum, to find out how they leveraged technology, instructional design, and coaching to increase knowledge and confidence in delivering an executive pitch. She will share how they implemented sales practice and coaching using Brainshark Coaching Sales Enablement tool.

This unique tool provides sellers the opportunity to learn about a product/solution and practice giving a pitch via video before getting in front of the client. The tool has the flexibility of mobile learning and feedback through an artificial intelligence-powered engine for scoring and assessment.

It also provides a mechanism for meaningful coaching from leaders and peers.

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