Sales Training Excellence Circle

Topic: Sales Methodology

Sales methodology plays a critical role in the success of sales organizations because it outlines how your sellers approach each phase of the process. In this discussion, you’ll learn how sales methodologies can create a competitive differentiator for your organization. We’ll address your individual challenges and discuss how you can leverage current research to knock your sales methodology out of the park.

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Mike Sokol
Senior Manager, Learning and Development
Best Buy

Session description:
With the explosion of neuroscience and behavioral economics in the past two decades, we’re forming an understanding of how and why clients make buying decisions. Leveraging this in your sales methodology can help create a competitive differentiator for your firm. We’ll discuss this and outline what a strong sales methodology looks like, why to use one, and much more.


  • What is sales methodology?
  • Why use a sales methodology?
    – Common language
    – Consistent behaviors and experiences/interactions
  • Best Buy professional sales methodology – The Science of Selling
  • Important considerations/must-haves
    – Stakeholder alignment and accountability
    – Role clarity
    – Follow-up: coaching

What to bring:
Please come prepared with your challenges and with your sales performance and training problem statements. What are the current opportunities that you would like to address–or are being asked to address–with a sales methodology solution? We look forward to a great discussion with plenty of chances for attendees to share their own experiences.

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