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Topic: Leading with Tomorrow in Mind

As Learning Leaders, you head projects, drive new initiatives, and create organizational change. Your work is bigger than what you can accomplish alone – you need to lead others to be successful.  How often do you think about your own leadership practices?  Do you know if your leadership approach is effective?  And how do you stay sharp?

For many, leadership skillsets are based on what worked in the past.  However, evidence indicates that traditional leadership skillsets are failing to keep pace with the rate of change in our environments.  In order to be successful Learning Leaders, we need to consider a different approach to leadership.  We need to lead with tomorrow in mind.


Join us as Richard Rittmaster, Associate Director, Enterprise Talent Strategy at United Health Group shares practical techniques that will help you lead with tomorrow in mind. This session outlines the limitations of traditional leadership practices, and how to shift towards a more sustainable approach to leadership. At the end of the session, we will discuss practical techniques you can use to begin leading with tomorrow in mind.

Richard Rickmaster is an accomplished leader with a history of building enterprise-wide capabilities that lead to business results. Core skills include understanding business context, identifying root causes, developing innovative solutions, building high performing teams, and generating impactful results.

Areas of expertise: talent strategy, organizational design, leader assessment & development, learning and development, change management, building a culture of innovation and innovation strategy, talent review, talent analytics, engagement, performance management, international, and employee recognition.

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