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At Fredrickson Learning, we understand that leading a learning organization is a demanding professional calling. To be responsible for learning means that you are also responsible for shaping the organization’s future. Leading the learning organization has its own unique challenges and its own rewards.

We’re here for today’s learning leader. We want you to succeed and we want to help by focusing on connecting–with both people and information that makes a difference.

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Fredrickson Learning provides content and connections for you, including:

The Roundtable for Learning Leaders

If you’re a leadership-level learning and development professional in the Twin Cities area, this is your community. We founded the Roundtable for Learning Leaders in 2000 to inform and connect today’s L&D leaders.

The Roundtable meets quarterly to discuss trends, initiatives, problems, and solutions related to learning, employee development, technology, strategy, and learning organization leadership. Members also benefit from the tremendous networking opportunity the Roundtable provides.

Joining the Roundtable

If you currently hold a leadership or managerial positions in corporate or public-sector learning organization, you’re eligible to join the Roundtable. For more information, contact us.

The Healthcare Learning Leaders Forum

If you work in the healthcare industry and have a stake in any facet of learning and development, this community is designed specifically for you.

Minnesota is a global hub for healthcare with world-renowned care facilities, innovative manufacturers, insurance providers, and many other healthcare-related businesses. We thought it was time to create a healthcare-focused learning community in the Twin Cities to help L&D professionals in this important segment connect with each other.

Joining the Healthcare Learning Leaders Forum

If you currently hold a leadership or managerial position in a healthcare-related public- or private-sector learning organization, you’re eligible to join the Forum. To be considered for membership, please contact us.

The Learning Leadership Summit

The Learning Leadership Summit is the Midwest’s largest gathering devoted to developing the career and business skills of today’s leadership-level learning professionals. The Summit also provides learning leaders with an unparalleled networking opportunity.

Each July, beginning in 2004, the Summit has featured seminars lead by bestselling authors and thought leaders in the L&D community. Each Summit is unique and you won’t get the Summit experience anywhere else.

Attending the Learning Leadership Summit

If you currently hold a leadership level position in a public or private sector learning organization and would like to attend the Summit, please contact us.

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