Learning Strategy

Learning is a key part of any business initiative.

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We’ll show you the path to success…


At Fredrickson Learning, we aim to create strategic partnerships.


We create learning strategies that focus on both your business and learning objectives as we begin every project.


We listen, observe, and understand your needs first, benefiting from the knowledge only you can provide.

Accomplish Goals

We develop a learning strategy that accomplishes your goals.

Strategic Learning Success

If you need to deliver learning that works for your business initiative or need fresh insight into any learning/training problem, let’s talk.

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Learning strategy is the first step of our proven process.

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Showing you the way

We help our clients produce better, more engaging learning and achieve better business results with our learning strategy services.

Discovery JumpStart

Not sure what you need? Start here. The focus of our Discovery process is analysis, strategy, standards-setting, and “big-picture” design. During Discovery, we take a step back to define your business and learning goals, which serves as a touchstone for all our work going forward.

Because each client situation is different, our Discovery process is adaptable and flexible, able to be modified and adjusted based on the project and client needs.

Our Discovery JumpStart creates:

  • Alignment on the solutions to be developed.
  • High-level design ideas.
  • Refinement of our preliminary ballpark estimates for your learning initiative.
  • An preliminary project plan, including resources required and timelines.
  • A detailed list of the remaining steps for Discovery.

Design JumpStart

If your project is further along, and you have some specific solutions in mind, start the Solutions Development stage with our Design JumpStart. It’s intended to start the design process by making sure the direction you have in mind will achieve your learning objectives and business goals.

Jump-starting the design process gives you a step-by-step guide to follow during the remainder of Solutions Development, and provides a more accurate picture of your investment.

Our Design JumpStart creates:

  • Alignment on the solutions to be developed.
  • Establishment of complete design standards.
  • Prototypes for course design concepts.
  • Refinement of our preliminary estimates for the final work products.
  • A detailed project plan and schedule.

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