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Conversations with Trish and Julie: Big Data and the Future of L&D


0:00 Introductions
0:43 How do we prepare for emerging technologies?
4:55 How do we get people to connect in a meaningful way with data analytics?
10:06 How long should we train someone with real data?
12:21 We are used to summative results, will that change?
14:03 Stories of measuring success using a homegrown system.
17:28 What can we still use from past L+D models?
19:13 Julie discusses priorities as an L+D leader.
21:17 How do we know when to use data/analytics?
31:36 Should data scientists be involved with L+D projects?
40:28 Julie reflects on failure and success in past projects.
42:07 What are the core competencies we need to help staff acquire?
53:33 What is system thinking?
56:20 Conversation Wrap-up

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