Supplemental Staffing

Understanding your needs

Who wouldn’t like an extra pair of hands in a crunch? When it comes to learning & development projects, finding the right pair of hands to support you can be time-consuming. Often, that’s time you just don’t have.

At Fredrickson, we partner with you and take the time to understand your needs. As learning professionals ourselves, we know how to vet resources. We only present you with the candidates who we believe truly fit your project and organization.

Roles we staff:

  • Instructional designers
  • eLearning developers – using Captivate and Storyline, and other development tools
  • L&D project managers
  • Trainers – for classroom training or virtual training sessions
  • Some other need? Try us.

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High expectations

We have high expectations for every resource we place because we want you to feel the experience was worth it. You can expect that a Fredrickson resource will:

  • Get up to speed and be productive within days.
  • Ask lots of questions while respecting your time.
  • Adapt cheerfully to changing schedules and requirements.
  • Figure out how to navigate your organization and adjust to its pace.
  • Ask about and follow your processes and standards, and help you create them if they don’t exist.
  • Solve problems as they come up, knowing when to involve you and when to handle the situation independently.
  • Tell you about obstacles to progress soon enough that you can act on them.
  • Contribute, compromise, communicate and get along with others without being critical.
  • Bring ideas to the table and accept a “no thanks” answer graciously.

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