Business Challenge: motivate first-time home buyers to achieve their dreams

The Minnesota Home Ownership Center’s mission of promoting and advancing successful home ownership includes educating home buyers before a home purchase. The Center wanted to create an easy-to-use mobile tool to motivate first-time home buyers to use their education services, network of advisors, and counseling services during their home-buying experience.

After conducting our Discovery—which included iteratively prototyping to determine the requirements and design of the tool—we did extensive unit testing on multiple devices and user experience testing with real users. We found that rigorous unit testing and quality assurance testing on multiple devices was critical to ensure there would be no surprises.

Our client also wanted to guide users to specific advisors based on zip code entry. Because Captivate couldn’t handle the number of zip codes in the area served (over 1,000), we did extensive research to find and integrate an open-source zip code locator program into the tool.

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