“Fredrickson Learning is like an extension of our team. We can count on them to help us with tight deadlines that meet and exceed our expectations. They are the first call when we need help!”

~ Change and Learning Leader

Empowering Learning

Empowering employees, customers and all learners to change behaviors, apply knowledge and do their best work.

We’re here to help! Whether you need…


A partner who can create the great learning your L&D team doesn’t have the capacity to build

To change behaviors but don’t know the best approach

To help your customers or employees learn about something new

To improve, enhance, or re-envision your great content

Training Success is Learning Centered

Research shows that the more relevant and motivating training is, the better learners learn. We bring our evidence-based best practices to every project to create learning that’s effective and engaging AND customized to be relevant to your learners and organization.

You need great custom training from a reliable, easy-to-work-with partner. We’ve been delighting our clients and learners with great custom training for more than 35 years. We collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure we’re meeting more than project or learning goals – we’re also meeting your process and communication needs and making you and your organization look good!

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Ways of Working

Like our learning solutions, we can customize our project approach to best fit with your needs and processes.

Partnering to provide only the services you need

You’ve got talented learning professionals and so do we! Let’s collaborate to create great learning! We can be your ‘production shop’ and bring your storyboards to life or we can design and you build plus other options in-between.

Iterative or Linear

Do you want to see results fast or need review the whole picture at once? We have the expertise to approach your project in an Agile, incremental/iterative way or a more sequential approach.

Examples of training videos in action

Training Videos

This series of short videos for the United Health Group and March of Dimes uses images, narration, and key text to teach health care professionals how to deliver prenatal care via a group care model.

Highlights include:

– Simple, short videos provide engaging, relevant, effective learning

– Using narrated still images allow for reasonable budget and update-ability

– Custom photos of consistent characters across videos to illustrate a relatable, engaging story and messaging.

Examples of engaging compliance training

Engaging, Relevant Compliance Training

This gamified (but affordable to develop) approach to learning about the City of Minneapolis’ ethics policy won an industry award.

– Learners learn from making choices in relevant situations based on real life – Navigation structure and theme based on map of locations in the city

– Links to helpful resources provided in context of the learning

Examples of Life After Now podcast episodes

Motivating Podcasts

We partnered with the MN Office of Higher Education to create this podcast and visual graphics for high schoolers about the post-secondary enrollment journey.
Listen here:

Highlights include:

– Rapid development of 24 podcast episodes following a guest-interview format over a 4 month period

– Provided design, production, guest recruiting and editing expertise as well as host and producers to create an engaging and informative high fidelity listening experience

– Conversational, audience-first approach designed to spread awareness for resources like student aid and create buy-in around the choice to pursue a post-secondary education

Examples of sales training

Sales Curriculum

We partnered with BASF to define, design, and build a Sales Training blended learning curriculum.

Highlights include:

– eLearning courses built using Articulate Rise to allow for mobile access by field Sales Reps in the field

– Multiple modalities to allow for eLearning from anywhere, collaborative virtual training sessions, and on- the-job practice

– Behavioral checklists empowering Sales Managers to facilitate activities, observe and coach

Examples of storyboarding for mobile apps

Informative App

We designed and built a mobile app for the MN Home Ownership Center to provide information to first-time home owners.

Highlights include:

– Learners can choose to use the app with an English or Spanish interface

– Collaborative design approach leading to easy-to-use 4-question interface

– Integration with other data systems to provide specific resources users need

Examples of storytelling and gamification in online training

Storytelling, Gamification & Video

This course for the MN Department of Health helps coaches of athletes with asthma.

Highlights include:

– Course launch is a learner-motivating custom video and timed quiz question depicting the importance of timely response to an asthma attack

– Learners are engaged via a combination of interactivity, explainer video, and narrated pages

– A story-based final assessment that walks learners through choices and consequences responding to asthma attacks

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