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JUNE 2021

We officially announced details around the 2021 Learning Leadership Summit, which will be LIVE and IN PERSON! Seven different community members respond to the question, “As companies start to return to the office, what are your thoughts or plans for virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning over the next year?”

APRIL 2021

Hear from some of the great women learning leaders around the Twin Cities on their reflections on International Women’s Day. In addition, read our latest guest blog contribution on, “Learning’s Role in Well Being”.


This month’s “Community Chat” topic is, “What new or expanded activities di your learning team do in 2020 that you plan on continuing and/or increasing in the future?”. Hear responses from leaders from five different organizations. Don’t forget to check out the results of our Roundtable Steering Committee, which shows you what topics are top of mind for learning leaders and where we’ll try to focus our events in 2021.


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