“Working with Fredrickson is like working with your friends. I trust them and trust that they know me, my organization and strategic needs. From a staffing capacity, every candidate they provide me has always been a perfect match for my need. They’re easy to work with, fun, and make my job a lot easier. Fredrickson just gets it right every time – its freaky how good they are at what they do.”

~ Tara Aiken, Associate Vice President, Learning & Development, Regis Corporation

Full Stack of Talent

We find, vet, and assign skilled professionals in Learning and Development and related roles.

Our talent pool is deep and wide. The roles we staff span the entire learning ecosystem. From learning strategist to training coordinator, from generalist to specialist, from expert to entry-level —we’ve got what you need.

You can engage our resources in several ways, according to your preference. We offer temporary staffing, temp-to-hire engagements, and direct placements.

Why work with Fredrickson?

With our deep talent pool and extensive knowledge of the L&D profession, you won’t find a more responsive, experienced, or flexible staffing partner.


Above all else, our work is grounded in understanding exactly what our clients are looking for. We start by listening to you describe what you’re looking for. We are curious about you, your organization, and the business problem you’re trying to solve.


Our talent searches are backed by 30 years of specialization in this field. We understand the skills, roles, processes, and functions at play. We’ve partnered with L&D departments facing all sorts of challenges. Most importantly, we’ve made it our business to really get to know the individuals in our community who do this work every day.


Once we get a read on your unique need, we use our expertise in this niche to cut through the noise and home in on an exact fit. We’ll present just a few top candidates to you in a way that speaks your language and is easy to digest. Interview if you like, or leave the decision to us. It’s that simple — we’ve found your match.


After our resource gets started, our team keeps in touch. We’ll arrange a cadence of check-ins that feels right to you. We will actively support the resource in their engagement with you, providing expert performance coaching, if needed.

Hiring without the headache

Let’s face it: finding the perfect hire is complicated, nuanced, messy, hard work. Luckily, we love doing this work, so that you don’t have to!

When you need a staffer:


We’ll hone the field of potential candidates down to one or two people we think you should meet.


You’ll interview the candidates and pick your top choice.


We’ll handle employment, procurement, and contracting details.

It’s that easy. Get ready to welcome your new team member!

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Help is On the Way

Finding the perfect fit for a single role or maybe a team?

Group of employees participating in a hybrid meeting

After an extended internal search, an insurance company decided to seek our help finding the right technical trainer. We talked with them for 30 minutes to get a detailed understanding of their situation. One week, 2 resumes, and one interview later, they had the perfect match.

A healthcare practice lost their only L&D employee. They approached us with a request for a temporary LMS admin to tide them over while they learned the space well enough to determine what they needed long term. We offered them a resource who could help them with their LMS, but more importantly, we chose someone who could also help them diagnose their long term needs. They were so happy with their match, they hired her onto their team.

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Three employees meeting at a conference table in foreground and two employees working at a whiteboard in background

An L&D team at a large firm was unexpectedly tasked with a complex business critical project with a very aggressive timeline. They asked us to spin up a flexible and multi-skilled team of resources who could augment their own team. Within a week, we pulled together a team that included a project manager, several learning consultants, an ID with domain expertise in the client’s field, a change management coach, a copywriter, and several digital asset developers.

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The next time you need to hire, consider how Fredrickson could help. Temp, temp-to-hire, or direct hire. You won’t find a more flexible, more knowledgeable staffing partner in this space.