“We’ve worked with Fredrickson Learning on a major strategic overhaul of how we engage with our healthcare providers. They were with us every step of the way, from idea conception through implementation and optimization, as a part of our team. We have greatly appreciated their expertise, flexibility and responsiveness and are confident that they have our best interests at heart.”

~ Director, Global Professional Affairs and Clinical Education

Learning Consulting and Strategy Formulation

Helping you lay a foundation for creating the environment to support impactful or transformational learning experiences that enable business results.

Making YOU Successful

Whether you are driving business transformation or being asked to facilitate a change, you know that a good analysis of the need sets the foundation for success. You also recognize that an outside perspective can help you gain insights and build bridges that may not be otherwise possible. We partner with you to assess the factors driving your need to change, build coalitions with stakeholders, and design an approach that addresses the key concerns of all parties to assure that YOU are successful.

Two employees conversing while sitting in arm chairs

We listen, probe and ask questions, then formulate ideas and test reactions to be sure all parties feel heard.

We review related materials, systems, programs and processes.

We create alignment by continually sharing insights and testing strategies with you and your stakeholders.

We enable YOU to be successful and support you as you present your case.

Strategy & Consulting Engagements

Sample Stories

Whether you have a specific need for one of our defined services, or would just like to chat about the possibilities, we’d love to help!