If you didn’t catch our original presentation for the eLearning Guild earlier this year, the recorded version is now available on the Guild’s website.

When I wrote my last blog, I had just found out that my colleague, Melissa Chambers, and I were accepted to present at the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum in April […]

I just heard the news that my colleague, Melissa Chambers, and I will be presenting at the eLearning Guild Online Forum in April. The topic of this particular forum is […]

In a perfect world, we’d all have the exact budget and time needed to make every project perfect. But, we all know how often that happens. Lately I’ve worked on […]

Translation. It’s what everyone wants to talk about. When I was doing the conference circuit, about 25% of the questions I was asked were about translation. And that’s not the […]

I have three kids and a husband. Without exception, they are easily and quickly drawn to the shiny new thing off in the corner. I can lose my husband for […]

“I don’t know.” Not a very reassuring thing to hear from a consultant. After all, aren’t you paying a consultant to give you an answer? But in fact, that phrase […]