I was in China a week ago (for work and play) and I came across a statue that immediately caught my attention. It was of a woman with three heads and four arms. I took a picture in front of it and sent it to a group of professional pals, saying . . . I have the answer to all our problems! There is so much to learn, that three heads are definitely needed . . . and then when you learn just some of what’s needed….four hands would certainly help in the multi-tasking that follows.

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Then I thought about all the learning opportunities that we have in our field. Opportunities like the upcoming event in July. Personally, I always make time for events like this in my own professional life because they provide a chance to talk and learn from colleagues as well as from whoever is in front of the room.

As the person “in front of the room” on July 21st, I’ve thought a lot about what might make this a learning event that would be useful for your organizations, and one that would be personally useful as well.

I think that all too often, we in the human capital arena are “cobblers without shoes!” We work so hard to deliver to our customers and clients that we often don’t have time to try our own initiatives on for size! So, as I design the morning, know that I have two goals in mind. First, I want to tell you about my recent thinking about one of my niche areas – career development. I’ll to tell you where my thinking has gone, and how I believe we may need to deliver the message about careers differently, and where it is indeed still the same.

I also have another goal. That is to have you think about your own careers in this fast-changing field of ours, and consider the choices you might have ahead of you. I’ll be picking and choosing from some of the thinking of my colleagues who have looked at careers in our own field, and asking some provocative questions of all of you.

I’ve heard (from the sponsor and from my good friend Richard Leider) that you are a great group who enjoy getting time with your colleagues as well as time with a speaker. I will try to honor both.

I am on the road pretty continually (making up for three weeks away) till I see you in July. If you have questions, comments or thoughts…about the wide subject of careers in the ever changing world of ours and how to develop talent….let me know. I may not be able to answer, but I will definitely ponder your ideas.

See you soon.

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