On behalf of everyone here at Fredrickson Communications, we’re proud to announce our discussion leader and topic for the upcoming ninth-annual Fredrickson Communications Learning Leadership Summit.

The Summit will be held on Thursday, July 16 from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

This year’s featured discussion leader will be Jess Elmquist, Life Time’s Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Life Time University.

Learning, Leading, or Lying: The story of the 3 shells

Ever heard of the shell game — the old corner con? You have to follow the little ball that’s hidden under one of the three shells while someone shuffles them around the table. You are positive you can follow that little ball and win the game. Inevitably, you lose.

For this ninth-annual Summit, Jess will teach participants about the “Three Shells” of professional life: Leading, Learning, or Lying.

Each shell offers objective insight into how individuals and teams fail or succeed — and insight into where you and your team fit into overall strategy. Used as a coaching tool, you’ll learn how to make sure your team stays aligned and excited about the goals of the business.

Fredrickson Communications’ Learning Leadership Summit is the Twin Cities’ premier development and networking event for leadership-level learning professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to design the learning products and experience that your learners want.

At the 2015 Learning Leadership Summit, Jess will use principles from The Story of the Three Shells to guide you to:

  • Objectively look at people who impact your business, and positively motivate them to win.
  • Uncover behaviors that are destructive to a team, and plan ways to free yourself professionally.
  • Use the art and science of leadership to build long-term success in your business.
  • Create more time with your leaders to maximize success.
  • Self asses, to engage and grow professionally.

Registering to attend the Summit

The Learning Leadership Summit is an annual gathering dedicated to the needs of leadership-level learning and development professionals in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.
If you currently hold a leadership position within a corporate or public-sector learning and development organization and you’d like more information about the Learning Leadership Summit, please get in touch.

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