It’s just over a week until our 10th annual Learning Leadership Summit!  This year we’ve had a record number of registrations for the Midwest’s largest annual gathering of leadership-level learning professionals.  Everyone seems especially pumped up for this year’s Summit.

And why wouldn’t everyone in L&D be pumped up?  This year we welcome to the Summit stage five Chief Learning Officers to talk about–well–anything you want to talk about, really.

We’ve billed this Summit as “Five CLOs.  One stage.  Your questions answered.

Not to steal the thunder from the Summit, but I’m tremendously interested to see what will the Summit attendees ask?

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I can’t resist. I know I won’t get to ask all these, but here’s what I really want to ask:

  • What do the members of our organizations believe they know about what the L&D organization does?  How closely do their ideas match the way we want (or need) to be seen?
  • What are the perceptions of the CEO and other executives when it comes to the L&D function?  What do we do well, what do we need to improve upon?
  • If you had to recommend just one thing that the audience should either do or stop doing, to make the L&D organization better, what would it be?

To me, the things that our Summit attendees ask are going to tell an interesting story on their own.

Anyone else out there want to share a question that you want to ask the CLO?

See you at the Summit!

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