Looking for material for a leadership development program? Working on your own leadership skills? Seeking an alternative to leadership frameworks, checklists, and theories?

Learn Like a Leader will satisfy any of these objectives. It’s a collection of of essays from leadership experts edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye, and Ken Shelton. Each essay is about the writer’s own learning experiences and lessons. You can dip in anywhere and get something useful within just a couple minutes. And with 35 different perspectives, it’s easy to find some stories to really connect with.

The editors have supplemented the essays in several ways to support the readers’ learning:

  • Questions at the end of each essay to help readers relate the essay to their own life
  • Groupings of essays around a theme, such as “Crossroads and Choices” and “Unlearning What You Thought Was So” with key learning points and questions for each grouping
  • Suggested ways to use the book for own’s own leadership learning

I compare this book to the kind of cookbook that’s a bunch of stories interwoven with a few special recipes. Much more enjoyable than a how-to book, with just enough structure to turn inspiration into action.

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