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A new year means it’s time for industry predictions. I like this guy’s take, and I like that they attached trends to the Hype Cycle. Definitely agree that #mobile is in the ‘slope of enlightenment.’ It will be interesting to see how adoption of xAPI evolves over this year — still lots of talk but […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

  Recently, I came across Articulate’s outstanding white paper outlining their stance on Mobile Learning. In it, Articulate’s CTO, Arlyn Asch, makes a strong case against slide-based ‘responsive’ mLearning, saying ‘slide-based eLearning wouldn’t make sense if objects changed position or simply disappeared to fit smaller screen sizes.’ I strongly agree with Articulate’s stance; here are […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

This is a great article that cleanly outlines tips for writing for mobile. 6 Tips for Effective Mobile Copy ‘The Golden Triangle’ is fascinating — the majority of users’ attention is on the upper part of the screen, which should guide designers’/developers’ content decisions. Also, ‘if you don’t connect in a couple of seconds, you’ve […]


Here’s a good LinkedIn post about important considerations for the visual design of eLearning. We employ many of these strategies in our own eLearning work at Fredrickson. I like the concept of ‘quiet’ design as a subtle way to make learning experiences memorable. 5 visual design strategies for learning experiences by Dorian Peters

Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

I hope you’re getting excited for Fredrickson’s annual Learning Leadership Summit, happening next Thursday, July 16! I know I am, for a few reasons: Unveiling Fredrickson’s new brand! You may have heard that we’re undergoing a bit of re-branding. We’re now known as Fredrickson Learning—we feel it does a better job of describing what we […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

One of the biggest mistakes I made when first pursuing Mobile Learning was pursuing it on my own. I really wish I would’ve spent time building relationships with advocates, partners, and allies who could help me realize my vision.