When designing for mobile, what should be considered beforehand? There are many motivations to create mobile learning. The sheer number of smart phones in use presents an unprecedented opportunity to […]

At first glance, creating eLearning that’s accessible may seem as simple as expanding the technical requirements for building eLearning to meet a set of technical accessibility standards. It all sounds […]

There are many great TED Talks available, and here’s a nice curated list of TED Talks applicable to eLearning.  And, of course, much of the information goes beyond eLearning and really […]

What if you’ve been asked to provide “accessible eLearning?” Either you need to build new courses that are accessible, or to re-develop existing courses to make them accessible. First step—figure […]

You may have heard about accessibility in news stories related to the ADA or other legislation, but if you don’t require any assistive technologies yourself, you may have not given […]

In April, I attended the eLearning Guild’s Annual Gathering in Boston. The conference attracted many of the industry’s top researchers and practitioners, and it provided an opportunity to learn from […]

I pulled up to my garage one cold 11-degree morning and pressed the button on the garage door opener remote. Nothing happened. Pressed it again. Nothing. So began a just-in-time […]