Thanks again to Jed Becher, Web Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, for putting together the presentation for our August 9 Intersect meeting. Also, thanks to Rachel Dobbs, FredComm’s own analytics guru, for chiming in on how the Webtrends tool works in comparison with Google Analytics.

So many of us are curious about how analytics work, what we can use them for, how we can report on them to better serve our audiences and our marketing efforts…the list goes on. Jed’s overview gave us all a great start on understanding all of these complexities.

As promised, Jed provided links (from a DNR server) to his presentation as well as to an electronic version of Portent Interactive’s coding “cheat sheet” that he passed out in the presentation. The e-version can be expanded to a larger, more readable font so that you can really use it!

Link to the PowerPoint presentation

Link to Portent Interactive’s “cheat sheet

Also, many of you already saw the email I sent with information from Marc Drummond of the City of Minnetonka about two upcoming Association of Webmasters events. Here’s another quick shout about both of these:

See you at our next Intersect meeting on November 8!

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