When working with our clients, we often ask about the impact of a planned change on the organization. We’ve also been observing a trend where many companies are employing change managers within the organization – either as a specific role or as a capability. I’ve also noticed a great increase in the number of individuals I’ve personally spoken with lately that are either PROSCI certified, or about to be. None of this is surprising given the desire of so many companies with a desire to grow in a world that constantly presents us with new information and ideas.

The short blog and excellent infographic presented in the following piece gives organizational leaders and managers a great framework to consider change and it’s impact on the organization. The first part of the infographic focus on the necessity for understanding where you’re going, if you are ready, and how to get started, which provides very practical steps for counteracting a Fire! Ready Aim approach to change. Additionally, I particularly like how the fourth item reiterates Nick Tasler’s philosophy of determining what you are going to stop doing in order to start doing something else, which he shared at our 2013 Learning Leadership Summit. This is a useful graphic to print and hang in your office.

Great Infographic: 7 Questions to Consider When Making a Change, by  Christopher Smith.


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