In the talent and L&D communities over the last several years, there has been much discussion about digital transformation. From Brandon Carson’s book, Learning in the Age of Immediacy, to […]

Eight professionals posing for a picture in a conference room

Back row: JoAnn Cintron, Tara Aiken, Molly Hendricks, Jill Stanton, Alison DeRudder Thorpe. Front row: Sarah Walz, Robin Lucas, Dave Lasecke. Not pictured: Amy Keppert.   For several months now, we’ve […]

When I heard Learning and Performance Ecosystems would be the topic for May’s Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders, my curiosity was piqued. I’ve been reading about the concept of learning […]

“If all of this [learning how to read critically] sounds like hard work, you’re right. Most people won’t do it. That’s what sets you apart.” Farnam Streets’ post: How to Read […]

Recently, a few of us at Fredrickson Learning were talking about trends — who, in Learning and Development, seems to focus on them, and also when and why we do. […]

In following @Learning2015 this week (the week of Elliot Maisie’s conference: 2015 Learning), I was intrigued by a tweet that proclaimed “Learning styles are NOT effective for learning design.” The […]

Continuing on the theme of recent posts about the role of gamification in learning design, this article provides some relevant insights not only about what’s wrong, but how to do it […]

When working with our clients, we often ask about the impact of a planned change on the organization. We’ve also been observing a trend where many companies are employing change […]

While perusing the backchannel of #devlearn from the 2015 Devlearn Conference, I came across this blog reference for a method to implement gaming as part of an overall learning strategy. I […]

To me, it comes down to this issue: Are we using technology (trends) to support our L&D strategy? Or, are we letting those trends drive our strategy?