Continuing on the theme of recent posts about the role of gamification in learning design, this article provides some relevant insights not only about what’s wrong, but how to do it right.

My favorite pairing of why it’s broken/how to fix it? “Displacement of rewards. It’s been demonstrated that offering any kind of reward on behaviors that should happen spontaneously puts people into “transaction mode,” altering the original motivations system and leaving them less motivated than before.” vs. “The currency of GitHub is true work, which is infinitely more valuable than any point system.”

However, the best part of the article comes at the end, where the author shares 8 tips for better gamification. This is an invaluable list to have on hand when considering how to apply principles of games to your learning design.

Here’s the article: Why gamification is broken (and how to fix it). Seen on TNW, “The Next Web”; written by Sergio Nouvel.

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