Our speaker, Kevin Wilde, did us all a great favor as he concluded this year’s Learning Leadership Summit. He built in time for us to reflect on our thinking from the day and make an action plan for executing once we got back to our normal routines. But ask yourself, are you being true to your intent and to your personal development in making that execution happen? Or did you just write it down and now have forgotten it?

Here is your gentle reminder to consider the follow-through. Executing on a half-day development program may be the hardest thing to do – especially for leaders who have to-do lists that are miles long and a seemingly never-ending list of “when I have time” ideas. So, take a minute. If you are reading this, take that minute now. What is the goal you wrote down for improvement? How will you practice this new skill?

I’ll share a personal story. My goal is to communicate powerfully and prolifically. One of my ideas for practice is to blog more – communicating about the things that are relevant and happening in our industry, publicizing what we at Fredrickson think and are passionate about, and fostering community interaction. This blog entry is a way for me to start my practice. I’m interested in the support of this community – through sharing and commenting on this and other blog entries of interest that you may find here.

That’s my personal story from the Learning Leadership Summit. So I’ll end with a call to action for you. I urge you to capitalize on the time you took for yourself to make sure you are following through on what you said you wanted to do. We’d love to hear and learn from you as well.

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