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By Robin Lucas

Here at Fredrickson, we’ve tuned in to the buzz about generative AI (genAI) and how it will transform the learning and development (L&D) landscape. The growing use of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT certainly presents opportunities to revolutionize how we get our work done. However, the disruption that can create also comes with its own challenges. For me and my fellow professionals, it certainly raises big questions, like, “What will we be able to do with AI?”, “What new skills do I need to learn to remain relevant?”, and “How can I learn and grow with the genAI tools that already exist and seem to exponentially expand daily?” 

We’ve been thinking about these topics, reading articles, having discussions, attending webinars and programs, and sharing our learnings with each other. Several of us have been practicing what we’ve learned with ChatGPT and other AI-enhanced tools to apply that knowledge to our personal lives or internal work. And a few of our clients have asked us to partner with them to learn more. As learning professionals, we know that applying the knowledge to work is what truly makes learning stick!

We’re expanding our internal discussions to include our community members. Our monthly Happy Hours in St. Paul provide a casual venue for this. And later this year, we will host a showcase of L&D community AI experiments and pilots to share and learn from each other. These experiments could take a wide scope and include anything from using AI to help jumpstart the course creation process to embedding AI elements within a course and everything in between. How are you using AI and how do you envision using AI in your future work? 

In advance of our showcase, we plan to publish a series of blogs focused on navigating AI in the world of L&D. In these upcoming segments, we plan to: 

  • Share what and how we are learning about AI. 
  • Consider the possibilities AI might unlock for learning design. 
  • Discuss ways that we are experimenting with AI. 
  • Explore how AI may impact or change the skills that learning professionals need for their jobs. 
  • Hypothesize on the future of work and learning. 

We hope the coming series inspires you to explore, question, engage in conversation and experiments, and learn more too.  

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