Fredrickson’s premier summer event, the 2014 Fredrickson Learning Leadership Summit with Robyn Waters, is right around the corner. I’m particularly excited that this year’s conversation is at the root of my personal beliefs about learning. To me, good learning design is about creating impactful learning experiences.

So as I’ve thought about what I want to get out of the summit this year, I’ve wondered what others believe about learning design. I decided one way to find out was to ask my networks the question—what makes good learning design? Fredrickson’s employees as well as our extended connections have taken the time to give some very insightful responses. So far, the common themes contributed include these eight ideas:

  1. It helps the company to meet its business objectives.
  2. It creates the impetus for change.
  3. It supports the learner’s performance outside of the classroom.
  4. It has clear, defined objectives that are supported by the design.
  5. It allows learners the ability to control the experience.
  6. It doesn’t cause the learner frustration in trying to complete the training.
  7. It is active—allowing the learner to experience what is being taught.
  8. It builds connections—between the content and the learner’s experience.

This is an impressive initial list of responses. I invite you to add your voice to the mix. Continue the conversation in the comments here, or on the Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders LinkedIn page.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Robyn Waters on her take about the topic of Leading by Design at our Summit on July 17. Over the next few weeks, I, along with others at Fredrickson, will be sharing more details here and on our social media pages. Look for more as we approach the date. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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