The recent news of the problems at Toyota started me thinking about the importance of brand image—not just for businesses, but for all types of organizations and even for individuals, even a learning brand. If you’d asked three months ago, few would have predicted that Toyota would (or even could) ever find themselves in a […]

I’ve worked with many clients to integrate their custom and off-the-shelf software into their learning management system (LMS). While some of the challenges become easier with experience, some remain relatively time consuming. I see many opportunities for companies to reduce the feelings of uncertainty about the integration process and the time spent on some of […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

One of the biggest mistakes I made when first pursuing Mobile Learning was pursuing it on my own. I really wish I would’ve spent time building relationships with advocates, partners, and allies who could help me realize my vision.

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll address issues related to getting started with Mobile Learning.


Our next Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders’ topic is “Leading Mobile Learning.”

The Business of Learning - learning ecosystems

If you didn’t catch our original presentation for the eLearning Guild earlier this year, the recorded version is now available on the Guild’s website.