Jess Elmquist presents at Fredrickson Learning's Learning Leadership Summit

The Learning Leadership Summit is just over a week away, and I wanted to talk a little about why I value this event so much. It’s simple: Connection = Value The Summit is one of my favorite days of the year. When I think of the Summit the terms that come to mind are: Excitement […]

I’ve worked with many clients to integrate their custom and off-the-shelf software into their learning management system (LMS). While some of the challenges become easier with experience, some remain relatively time consuming. I see many opportunities for companies to reduce the feelings of uncertainty about the integration process and the time spent on some of […]

As instructional designers and learning managers, we face the copyright dilemma often. We know (or think we know) we can make some limited use of copyright materials without permission for teaching purposes, but where do we draw the line? The process of creating courses can open up many questions about copyright: Can I use this […]

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

One of the biggest mistakes I made when first pursuing Mobile Learning was pursuing it on my own. I really wish I would’ve spent time building relationships with advocates, partners, and allies who could help me realize my vision.

Mobile Learning - mobile first design

This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll address issues related to getting started with Mobile Learning.


Our next Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders’ topic is “Leading Mobile Learning.”