With the 2016 Learning Leadership Summit just a few days away, I’d be hard pressed to pick a word to describe my feelings about the event. A few of the words and thoughts that come to mind include excited, connection, unbelievable, thankful, questions, respected, anticipation, and fun.

Did I mention excited?

There is a lot I could write about the Summit, but since I am a metrics type of learner, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Summit as defined by some key numbers:

  • 5 – CLOs who are willing to share their experience, their unique story, and their perspectives on learning and development with learning leaders in the Twin Cities area. By the way, all five donated their honorarium to charity.
  • 200 – Learning Leaders from the Twin Cities area all gathering for one event to connect with and learn from their peers — peers who currently hold active managerial positions in corporate or public sector learning.
  • 87 – Companies are represented at the Summit.
  • 10 – This is the ten-year anniversary of the Summit. It has grown into the top learning event in the Twin Cities.
  • 1 – It only takes one connection, a single new concept, or a new element of motivation to change a day, a career, or even a life. Chances for connection and knowledge are everywhere at the Summit.

The staff at Fredrickson Learning looks forward to seeing you at the Summit. We are honored to have you as our guests.

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