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At Fredrickson Learning, we like to stay in touch with the L&D industry. You might say we’re hungry for it. We run several thriving L&D communities, and networking is built into the heart of who we are as a company (heck, that’s how I got my job here). But it doesn’t end there. As an L&D vendor, we spend time every week discussing our industry with numerous current and potential clients. And, to best serve them, we have to know which types of professionals, tools, experience, and skills they might need now or in the near future. So, partially out of love and partially out of necessity, we are in touch with this industry — and proud of it.

Here’s what a handful of Fredrickson people said when asked what L&D trends they see coming in 2017:


Joyce Lasecke – President

I see the expectation of L&D professionals being “Swiss Army knives.” Graphic design principles and tool skills top my list for sought-after qualifications.

Jay Kasdan – Sr. Learning Consultant/Account Manager 

Companies will continue to find ways to measure training effectiveness from Kirkpatrick’s levels of measurement…to big data…to Will Thalheimer’s more effective “smile sheets.”

Christine Douglas – Talent Assessment

I’m guessing we will see a continued trend toward increased staff augmentation. Companies seem poised to pull in extra resources for short term needs, to round out their permanent staff. We’ve already seen this grow in 2016. Perhaps we’ll see continued expansion in this area.

Robin Lucas – Vice President of Learning

Data analytics and dashboards. There’s so much out there right now in L&D regarding data analytics, big data, and performance measurement — it was even brought up at one of our recent Roundtable for Learning Leaders meetings. I see this as an exploding area for L&D leadership in the next few years, definitely.

Brian Keller – Manager of Digital Engagement

I think companies and workers are starting to lean toward independent contracting. At Fredrickson, we’re seeing an uptick in this. I also notice large businesses are cutting full-time jobs to save on costs. Not only does this mean those companies tend to hire temporary, project-based workers to fill the gap, it also means workers are less likely to rely on big companies to support them.

Molly Hendricks – Account Manager

As an account manager, I’m in touch with clients frequently, and even more so when they have a project for which Fredrickson would be a good fit. As for trending projects/content…short, fun, and available on any device at any time seem to be key right now.

What L&D trends do you think we’ll see in 2017? Add your comment below.

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