Starting your L&D career on the right foot is important. The habits you create early on tend to stay with you. Some habits strengthen your connections, personal growth, or expertise […]

Jake Turner teaches attentive Mobile Learning Network members about using video for learning.

Our Mobile Learning Network is a fairly new community. With any new community, I often wonder about the people around me. Questions like these come to mind: Who here has actually […]

At Fredrickson Learning, we like to stay in touch with the L&D industry. You might say we’re hungry for it. We run several thriving L&D communities, and networking is built into […]

Brian Keller and Jay Kasdan

“Why are we creating this course?” Most L&D professionals have probably asked themselves this before—whether you’re an instructional designer or a learning leader. The answer, of course, should be, “To […]

2015 was an excellent year for us: we turned 30, our events went well, we changed our name to Fredrickson Learning, and we put up this fancy new website. We have […]

We want people—clients and on-site coworkers—to enjoy the experience of working with us, and we hire our people accordingly. At Fredrickson Learning, we provide people with the right skills and knowledge for each […]

Why do some businesses pay to train their customers? Well, it turns out they can save lots of money this way, which the article expands upon. Here’s my favorite quote: “As […]

Have you ever wished your subject matter expert (SME) could share their knowledge with your learners? I’m guessing you have.